Electrical Technology


This one-year program prepares students to install, operate, maintain, and repair electrical systems; including residential, commercial & industrial wiring, motor controls, and electrical distribution panels. Students get extensive hands-on training in electrical troubleshooting and development of problem-solving skills in residential, commercial, and industrial electrical procedures.

To meet graduation requirements for this program, students must successfully complete the specified courses listed below with a “C” average (GPA of 2.00) or better. A grade of “C” or higher is required in each ELT course to progress in the program.

Minimum admission requirements (in addition to general admission requirements) must include one of the following:

  • Attain a 16 composite score on the ACT;
  • Score a 251 or higher on the ACCUPLACER NG Reading Section and a 230 or higher on the Accuplacer NG Algebra Section 
  • Earn a “C” or above in Math for Occupational Education (CTE 1113);
  • Complete 15 semester hours with a “C” average or above from an accredited college or university and earn a grade of “C” in Math for Occupational Education (CTE 1113).  Developmental coursework does not satisfy this requirement. 


Students in the Electrical Technology Program must attend MCC full time (15 or more semester credit hours).

Upon completion of the two-semester program, students receive a certification in Electrical Technology as well as advanced NCCER and OSHA certifications.
Course Number Course Description Hours
ELT 1113 Residential Wiring 3
ELT 1144 AC and DC Circuits for Electrical     Technology 4
ELT 1192 Fundamentals of Electricity 2
ELT 1253 Branch Circuit and Service  Entrance Calculations 3
ELT 1263 Electrical Drawing and Schematics 3
  Semester Hours 15
Course Number Course Description Hours
ELT 1123 Commercial Wiring 3
ELT 1413 Motor Control Systems 3
ELT 1213 Electrical Power 3
ELT 2913 Special Projects I 3
ELT 2933 Special Projects II 3
  Semester Hours 15
Total Semester Hours 30


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Jim Miles, Coordinator
For more informationFor more information:
Deborah Nettles, Advisor