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The division of eLearning promotes the intellectual and personal growth of all students at Meridian Community College by supporting faculty in their pursuit of teaching excellence. The division facilitates online curriculum, provides training and support for educational technologies, and is committed to responsible technical solutions for emerging needs.

MCC recognizes the needs of students who, because of various time or space barriers, cannot attend courses in the traditional classroom setting. Through the use of the Internet, students have the opportunity to receive classes at their homes or offices. MCC provides a growing number of credit and non-credit courses through distance learning deliveries and is an active participant in the Mississippi Virtual Community College (MSVCC) to further increase the number of Internet-based courses available. Online courses meet the same educational requirements as the traditional classroom, just in a more flexible format. Click here to view the MSVCC Policy and Procedure Manual.PDF DOWNLOAD

Thank you for your interest in eLearning at Meridian Community College!

NOTE: The Holladay Center for eLearning closes in conjunction with all college holidays.

  • Holiday Term/MerryMester (3 week) 12/21/2020-1/8/2021
  • Full Term (15 week) 1/19/2021-4/30/2021
  • Term I (8 week) 1/19/2021-3/12/2021
  • Term II (8 week) 3/15/2021-5/7/2021
  • Short Term III (4 week) 1/19/2021-2/12/2021
  • Short Term IV (4 week) 2/15/2021-3/12/2021
  • Short Term V (4 week) 3/15/2021-4/9/2021
  • Short Term VI (4 week) 4/12/2021-5/7/2021

  • MayMester (3 week) 5/10/2021-5/28-2021
  • Full Term (8 week) 6/1/2021-7/23/2021
  • Term I (4 week) 6/1/2021-6/25/2021
  • Term II (4 week) 6/28/2021-7/23/2021


For more informationFor more information:
Kelley Gonzales,  Ph.D., director