Admissions & Student Aid

Career & Technical Programs

The Associates of Applied Science Degree is awarded to students in thae division of Business, Health Education, Nursing, Industrial Technology and Emergency Services who complete the program of study specified in the catalog. The 15/16 semester hour Core Curriculum for Workforce Programs is embedded in the curriculum for each associate degree program.


General Education includes those courses traditionally labeled "arts and sciences" plus other experiences which give students a wide background of interrelated knowledge. The purpose of these courses and experiences is to enable students to think logically, to solve problems, and to clearly communicatae their thoughts, choices and solutions. 


 MCC recognizes the needs of students who, because of various time or space barriers, cannot attend courses in the traditional classroom setting. Through the use of the internet and the college's learning management system, MCC students have the opportunity to receive classes remotely.

Adult Education

Meridian Community College's Adult Education program provides adults the opportunity to develop and build the basic skills necessary to function more effectively as members of society through imporoved educational skills, English language acquisition, high school equivalency completion, work-force readiness and transitional skills for post-secondary education.

University Transfer

MCC offers the University Transfer Program for stduents who plan to transfer to a four-year institution. The University Transfer Program is parallel to the courses taken by freshman and sophomores at universities and senior colleges.