We help our students succeed,

  • By providing excellent classroom instruction.
  • By adopting best practices designed to help students meet their educational goals.
  • By creating processes that are engaging, streamlined, and student friendly.
  • By providing opportunities that engage our students intellectually, emotionally, socially, physically, and creatively.


We value our people,

  • By employing competitive compensation and benefits. 
  • By adopting strategies for hiring, advancement, and succession. 
  • By professionally developing our faculty and staff. 
  • By creating a workplace that is diverse, inclusive, healthy, and engaging. 


We are good stewards of our resources, 

  • By promoting a safe, healthy, accessible, and secure environment. 
  • By adopting technologies that are adequate, appropriate, and integrated. 
  • By reviewing, evaluating, and planning for current and future institutional needs. 
  • By being financially and fiscally stable. 


We want to grow,

  • By telling our story to local, regional, and national audiences. 
  • By developing partnerships that facilitate opportunities for our students and our community.
  • By increasing the number and commitment of those who support the college. 
  • By increasing enrollment. 

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