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Whether you are a visitor, student, faculty member, or staff, the MCC Campus Police Department wants to make your college experience a safe and enjoyable one.

The Campus Police Department, located on the first floor of Ivy-Scaggs Hall, is a full-service police agency operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The department comprises 11 full-time sworn police officers. Our officers have jurisdiction and legal authority on all college-owned property. Campus Police work very closely and share jurisdiction with the Meridian Police Department, the Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Department and other law enforcement agencies.

MCC Campus Safety

Meridian Community College puts the safety of their students above all else. If you need help or see suspicious activity please call 601.484.8620.

Complying with the Clery Act requires Colleges and Universities throughout the United States  to publish and distribute an annual report that contains crime statistics, security-related  policy statements and the disclosure of fire safety requirements and local regulations. 

  • Cyclists should use extreme caution and slow down or walk their bicycles when interacting with pedestrians. Cyclists should not use sidewalks and walkways when pedestrians are present.
  • Automobiles are not required by law nor equipped with the reaction time to stop for bikes shooting across crosswalks. It is best for bicyclists wishing to use crosswalks to walk their bicycle through the crosswalk as a pedestrian.
  • Bicycles using campus roadways operate with the same rules as automobiles.
  • Bicyclists are strongly encouraged to wear safety equipment while on campus (including helmets) and adequately maintain their bike's mechanical aspects for the safest riding experience possible.
  • Bike Rack use on campus is mandatory. We ask all bike riders to assist the college by not locking bikes so that they block sidewalks or handicap access to buildings. Furthermore, we ask bike riders to refrain from locking bikes to campus trees or foliage, light poles or other freestanding posts, or any railings or any other freestanding structures (except bike racks). Be mindful as we have students with disabilities who require accessible pathways and specific access to buildings. We are required by law to protect this access.
  • MCC is not responsible for loss or damage to bicycles.
  • Bikes locked or left anywhere else besides a bike rack are subject to the lock being cut and the bicycle impounded by Campus Police.


Meridian Community College utilizes the Eagle Alert Phone/Text/Email Messaging System for emergency notifications.

Eagle Alert is designed to use mass phone, email and text messaging to provide MCC students, faculty and staff with information about unscheduled school closings and/or any emergency/crises affecting the campus. We feel confident the Eagle Alert system will be a useful tool in allowing individual notifications in a relatively short period. Our aim to keep our students, faculty and staff safe should ever the need occur.

Students and employees are automatically signed up to receive Eagle Alerts. 

Each student who lives in on-campus student housing, regardless of age, has the option to identify an individual(s) that Meridian Community College can contact no later than 24 hours after the time the student is determined missing, according to the school’s official notification procedure.

Each on-campus housing student will be given a Confidential Contact Information sheet in which they can register one or more persons with the Director of Residence Life and Housing in the event the student is determined missing for more than 24 hours.  This contact information is confidential and will only be accessible by authorized campus officials and may only be disclosed to law enforcement personnel.

Meridian Community College will notify the parent or guardian of any student under 18 years of age (who is not emancipated) no later than 24 hours after the time the student is determined to be missing, according to the college’s official notification procedure.

Meridian Community College will initiate the emergency contact procedure that the student designates if Campus Police or law enforcement personnel have been notified and determine that the student has been missing for more than 24 hours and has not returned to campus.

All concerns regarding a possible missing person (student, faculty or staff) should be immediately directed to the Campus Police Department. Upon receipt of a missing person report, the Campus Police will initiate a priority investigation. An investigating officer will meet with the individual(s) making such a report and will gather the following information:

  • Essential information about the missing person - description, clothes last worn, possible location including last known destination, individuals the missing person might be with, known associates and vehicle description. A recent photograph will also be secured.
  • The investigating officer will also gather information about the physical and mental well-being of the missing person. A current class schedule, class attendance information, job information and work schedule or residence hall information sheet (if applicable) will be obtained.
  • Based upon information gathered in steps one and two, appropriate campus staff will be contacted and either questioned or notified regarding the missing person's status.
  • If, after the completion of steps one through three, it appears that the person is actually missing, parents or an emergency contact person will be notified by the Dean or Associate Dean of Student Services or the Chief of Campus Police.  The College will also notify local law enforcement within 24 hours.
  • After consultation with the family of the missing person, the Campus Police will issue a regional welfare alert for the missing person through the National Crime Information Center. Further investigatory measures will be taken or additional notifications made based upon the circumstances of the individual case.
  • The Dean or Associate Dean of Student Services and/or the Chief of Campus Police will keep family apprised of the status of the investigation.

If you have witnessed a crime on campus or have pertinent information about a crime or incident, Meridian Community College has created this form for reporting anonymously. Fill out the form below; your identity will be protected to the fullest extent possible.

See Something, Say Something


For more informationFor more information:
Casey McElhenney, Chief of Campus Police