MCCer of the Month: Annah McRae

Joining in the MCCer of the Month celebration are Mallory Hardy, Dr. Tom Huebner, Victoria Liddell, Dr. Leia Hill, Annah McRae, Lucy Lamberth, Courtney Pitts, Michelle Thompson, Joseph Knight, Darren Bane, and Carolyn Martin.

An alumna from Meridian Community College, Annah McRae, is continuing her education with plans to receive her bachelor’s degree in May.

McRae also serves the College as workforce office coordinator and is MCCer of the Month for March. The MCC Foundation sponsors this monthly award to exemplify the College's hardworking employees who go above and beyond their daily duties. Honorees are peer-nominated. In addition to a commemorative plaque, honorees are given $250. 

“Annah ensures that our team operates smoothly, delivering top-notch service to both our companies and the community. Without Annah, our endeavors would undoubtedly be far more challenging,” said Lucy Lamberth, director of workforce grants and development and one of McRae’s supervisors. Lambert noted that McRae is an invaluable workforce team member, and she added, “Annah’s gentle and composed demeanor, coupled with her unwavering willingness to assist in any capacity, makes her an indispensable asset.” 

McRae, who has been at the College for six years, said one of the most enjoyable aspects of her job is helping others. “I look forward to coming to work and being a part of this college,” she said, adding that it’s amazing to see all the work accomplished. “With all the different programs we currently offer and the ones that are in the works, there is something for everyone at MCC.” 

Nominators also spotlight McRae, her work ethic, and her volunteering spirit to help with My College Cares, Candy Cruise, and College 4 Kids. “She’s a go-getter, and she does what it takes to get the job done,” a colleague said of McRae. 

Originally from Bailey, McRae and her husband, Cal, will celebrate their 10th anniversary this month. Together, they have three children: Layten, 8; Maysen, 6; and Court, 3. Her life’s philosophy, inspired by Philippians 4:13, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me,” describes her approach to her work and life. 

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