Diversity and Inclusion

"At Meridian Community College we reject, in the strongest way possible, any action that disrespects, relegates, disregards, or harms another human being. As an institution of higher learning, we are created to provide opportunities that transform lives. Those transformations open doors for people, families, and communities. We believe these changes cannot occur without an environment that facilitates respect and understanding and we further believe they cannot occur without an ethic of justice, equity and fairness. We encourage our community to move away from hostility and bitterness and embrace honor, appreciation, and trust for one another."

Thomas M. Huebner, Jr. Ph.D.
President, Meridian Community College

In its mission to improve the quality of life, Meridian Community College is committed to fairness, honor and trust.

With that comes a drive for inclusion and respect for all; to work for change, create an example, be the difference, and embrace justice. The future demands moving from hostility and bitterness to going forward to live, learn, appreciate, value, understand, and lift up one another.
MCC personnel believes these changes cannot occur without an environment that facilitates respect and understanding. And, they cannot happen without an ethic of justice, equity, and fairness. In moving forward, the College has established a 30-member, campus-wide Diversity Committee, which will explore and enact positive change on campus.
Diversity Committee Chair: Marlo Turner.

Diversity Committee members include Walter Atterberry, Calvin Bennett, Christena Brown-Bradley, Jamila Brown-Coleman, Jenny Bryan, Ashley Castillo, Laureta Chislom, William Davidson, Brandon Dewease, Kathleen Edwards, Lashundra Grady, Anna Hall, Michelle Hampton, Pam Harrison, Leia Hill, Shaquita Hopson, Kayla Johnson, Susie Johnson, Gina Mills, LeAnne Motes, Tanya Ocampo, James Price, Deanna Smith, Crystal Sterling, Whitney Stevens, Michelle Stokely, Susan Swink, Ashley Tanksley, Jennifer Whitlock, Tommy Winston.


The following video clips feature students and faculty discussing sharing their experiences at MCC.

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