New team joins College's athletic roster

Angie Partridge, center, with Sander Atkinson, athletic director, and MCC President Dr. Tom Huebner.

Meridian Community College will form its first-ever competitive dance team, which is set to bring a new spirit of energy to campus life, said campus officials during a press conference held at the PTK Courtyard of Scholars on the MCC campus.  

This group of dancers will represent MCC at the prestigious Universal Dance Association (UDA) Small College Championships. 

Coach Angie Partridge will be leading the team.  

Partridge was born into a dance family; her aunt owns the Carol Merrill Academy of Dance (CMA), where Partridge has taught for 21 years. She began competitive dance and gymnastics at five and competitive cheer at 14. 

Taking on a leadership role, Partridge was captain of her dance and cheer teams. Her dance and cheer teams received national championship titles, and her gymnastics team won two state championships. She has helped countless dancers reach their goal of dancing and cheering at the Division 1 level, including her daughter Ava, who is currently on the dance team at Mississippi State University.  

Under the guidance of Partridge, the team will focus on various styles, from contemporary to hip-hop, ensuring a vibrant and dynamic showcase at every performance.  

The recruitment process for the dance team is set to begin immediately, with auditions open to all students who have a passion for dance and a commitment to teamwork. The College seeks dancers skilled in various jazz, contemporary, hip-hop, and ballet styles to create a diverse and versatile team. 

The launch of the dance program comes as a response to the growing interest in dance and performing arts among the student body, College officials noted. "We recognized a tremendous talent and passion for dance within our community. Establishing this program allows our students to pursue their passion competitively and artistically," said MCC President Dr. Tom Huebner. 

"Bringing competitive dance to Meridian Community College opens a new chapter for our athletics program," said Sander Atkinson, athletic director. "This group is more than just about winning; it's also about supporting the growth of talent, creating a sense of community, and exhibiting the creative skills of our students on a national stage." 

"We are thrilled to see the enthusiasm and support from the college community. This is a unique opportunity for students to be part of something special from the very beginning," said Partridge. 

For more information about the MCC dance team, including upcoming performances and opportunities to support the team, visit or contact Angie Partridge at