College pays tribute to POWs/MIAs

POW/MIA Tribute
A bright blue September sky served as a backdrop for raising the black and white Prisoner of War, Missing in Action flag during a POW/MIA Recognition Day ceremony. 

 “We're thankful for your desire to come and remember these and those who have sacrificially given their all so that we may continue to experience what we have as United States citizens," said Joseph Knight, vice president for Workforce Solutions at MCC, as he addressed students, faculty, staff, and community members who gathered around the College’s flag plaza in front of Ivy-Scaggs Hall.

"We're honored to set aside time to simply stop, be still, and remember those who were and are, as the POW/MIA flag simply states, 'You Are Not Forgotten.'"

Traditionally observed on the third Friday in September each year, the observance is one of six days throughout the year. Congress has mandated flying the National League of Families POW/MIA flag. 

The ceremony marked the fourth occasion the College conducted the observance. 

In addition to Knight's address, MCC University Transfer Program student Cornelius Griffin, a 29-year military veteran, read A Soldier's Prayer. Also, Antonio Altman, director of bands and music instructor at MCC, played the Call to Colors.

The POW/MIA flag features a white disk bearing in black silhouette a man's bust, a watchtower with a guard on patrol, and a strand of barbed wire. The white letters POW and MIA with a white five-pointed star in between stand out above the disk. Below the disk is a black and white wreath with the motto, "You Are Not Forgotten." 

Ashley Tanksley, director of admissions and military/veterans services director and coordinator of the event, said it's important to remember the Americans who were prisoners of war and those who are missing in action, as well as their families. "The day is to ensure that we remember to stand for those who have served and to make sure we do everything we can to account for those who have never returned."

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