Friends and future radiologic technologists start their journey at MCC Orientation

Layla Havard and Kalli Carrillo are ready for MCC’s Fall Semester of 2024. The two friends participated in the College’s recent orientation session.

Eighteen-year-olds Layla Havard and Kalli Carrillo, close friends since childhood, took another step together as they attended Meridian Community College’s Orientation session to learn more about getting started on their futures. 

Both new to the MCC campus, Havard, who is from Decatur, and Carrillo, who lives in Little Rock, share a career path and a deep personal connection with their fathers, who have grown up as best friends. “We’re close friends – like cousins,” Carrillo explained. 

The two also want to pursue careers in Radiologic Technology. While in high school, Havard explored this medical field. “I got to know the basics and what was needed. It sparked an interest in me,” she said. Carrillo added, “I got interested in X-rays and ultrasounds because I was pregnant. It was really interesting, and I thought it would be a good career.” 

They both discovered more about MCC by coming to campus for this orientation. Incoming students like Havard and Carrillo looked more closely at the College in the three sessions offered, including a campus tour, a college fair, and a technology introduction. Students also get the chance to finalize their schedules and learn about the myriad of resources the College offers. “I wanted to get to know the campus and see what everything was like,” Havard noted. 

Come fall, Havard and Carrillo will be taking Anatomy and Physiology class together. 

MCC will host three additional orientation sessions on July 10, July 18, and Aug. 16. Check-in for each session begins at 8:30 a.m. at the Graham Gymnasium. 

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