MCC and William Carey sign MOU

MOU Signing

With a stroke of a pen, a partnership between Meridian Community College and William Carey University was solidified by the signing of a memo of understanding (MOU) of a community college transfer agreement.

MCC President Dr. Thomas Huebner and WCU Executive Vice President Dr. Ben Burnett after signing also fist bumped to signal the agreement that will allow eligible students to transfer college credits, including those of career and technical education hours, after graduation to WCU for bachelor’s degree including bachelor of arts, bachelor of science and bachelor of general studies.

Dr. Huebner said the agreement would help those who haven’t had a chance to advance their education and complete that degree. “Some of the career and technical education students and folks who are moving in that direction are going to have a great partner in William Carey University,” he said.

“It’s wonderful to forge this relationship with Williams Carey in a formal way,” Dr. Huebner added.

Dr. Burnett, a fan of community colleges, noted, “We survive off of community college transfer students.”

He explained most career and technical graduates think their college career is over after getting a technical degree. “We want to emphasis that career and technical education graduates have a pathway to go and finish that degree,” Dr. Burnett said.