Meet Marisol Garcia

Marisol Garcia
MCC Precision Machining Engineering Technology student, Marisol Garcia.

While in high school, Marisol Garcia geared herself to career in engineering and would later begin her studies at Meridian Community College enrolled in courses that would build on that field. 

“I had a robotics teacher in high school, in engineering, who introduced me to CNC (computer numerical control). We did a little bit of work with prototypes and simulators. But I wasn’t 100 percent sure of what I wanted to do,” she said. 

Staying the course of pursing a degree in engineering, Garcia remained interested in CNC. When she learned that MCC offered Precision Machining Engineering Technology, she spoke to Brian Warren, program coordinator and instructor, and enrolled in August 2022. 

What Garcia likes best about the class that is very-hands on. And though she was a little overwhelmed at the beginning, she’s adjusted. “It’s more creative than you think. Because you have to know how you’re going to be making the part. You’re never bored,” she said. 

Garcia is working with determination in her precision machining classes. She and her husband, Hector, are expecting their first child, a girl, around July 29.  “The baby may be early, I might miss the first few weeks, but I want to get ahead,” she said. Garcia plans on earning her associate of applied science degree in May 2024. 

“My class schedule is amazing. I have classes in the morning and it gives me the flexibility to work and study,” she said. Though she did work at a local restaurant in the afternoons and evenings, she recently put that on pause. 

Her husband was a student in the College’s welding program but left to get a job because of the need to support the family; he eventually landed a welding position. “He wants to return to school – when things are stable and I get a job in the future,” Garcia said. 

Through it all, Garcia remains focused on her ultimate goal: to land a job in precision machining and provide a better future for her growing family. 

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