MCC alums celebrated at Hall of Fame ceremony

Dr. Sarah Garner Abernathy, David Quave, and David Garner

Dr. Sarah Garner Abernathy, David Quave, and David Garner.

Meridian Community College honored three exceptional alumni during its annual Hall of Fame ceremony, recognizing their outstanding contributions to the institution and the wider community.  

Inaugurated in the Hall of Fame Class of 2024 were Dr. Sarah Garner Abernathy, David Charles Garner, and David Quave. Dr. Abernathy is a family nurse practitioner for the G.V. Sonny Montgomery Veterans Affairs Medical Center, and Garner is the associate chief financial officer for the government of the District of Columbia. Quave retired from Medtronic Corp., marketing biomedically-engineered products. Dr. Abernathy and Garner are sister and brother, marking the first time siblings will be inducted into the same Hall of Fame class. 

“These individuals have made a lasting impact on their communities, and their contributions have been nothing short of extraordinary,” said Dr. Leia Hill, vice president for institutional advancement and executive director of the MCC Foundation, about the three alumni. “Your contributions are immeasurable,” she added, addressing the trio. 

MCC President Dr. Tom Huebner echoed those sentiments, adding, “They have had a big impact, and we are as proud as we can possibly be of their work and service.” 

Dr. Abernathy, who noted it had been 50 years since she had been on campus, said, “I am so thankful to Jesus Christ, who has guided and directed my life’s career. And I am humbled to be recognized by this institution where my foundation started at the age of 17.” 

She added, “MCC has afforded me the opportunity to move forward toward a successful career that has given me so much.” 

Also offering thanks, Garner said, “There were times that I truly would have never imagined receiving an honor such as this. However, the good Lord saw fit to lift me up in those hard times and bless me with strength and courage just as he did Joshua after the death of Moses in the Bible.” 

He added that others – including MCC faculty and staff – helped him succeed. 

Quave noted that MCC, “has played a pivotal role in not only shaping my educational journey but also the fabric of our community. And I truly believe that.” 

Meridian Community College was there for Quave and his family, “What a blessing,” he said. 

“It is my hope that every capable student in Lauderdale and surrounding counties will take full benefit of the academic excellence MCC has to offer,” Quave added. 

Also during the ceremony, deceased MCCers Mary Tolbert, Jimmie Evans, Clara Castle Kelly McKee, Mark Gunn, Morris Sweatt, Darlene Withers, Tina Reena Keenan-Bonner, Sally Widen, and Mary Taylor were remembered with the Tolling of the Bells.

2024 Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

Meridian Community College inducted 3 new deserving members into the Hall of Fame on March 6, 2024.