E.L.C. speaker: Teamwork and leadership go hand-in-hand

Leadership is not a solo act. 

That was one takeaway point gained by Meridian Community College’s Eagles Leadership Convocation (E.L.C.) when nationally-known consultant Dr. Lavon Gray explored conflict resolution, critical thinking, and problem-solving at E.L.C.’s latest session. 

“We exalt people who are successful, but we forget they stand on the shoulders of the people who stand before them,” he said. “There’s more to our leadership success than just us; it takes a team,” he added.  

Diving deeper into the dynamics of teamwork, Dr. Gray underscored the roles of relationships that drive teamwork success. “You have a superpower, and it is the ability to build relationships,” he said to the E.L.C. members. 

Dr. Gray is the chief executive officer of the Blue Hen agency, an organizational consulting firm dedicated to helping businesses and organizations drive healthy, sustainable growth. He has written five books, including Never Wrestle with Pigs: A Survival Guide for Dealing with Difficult Personalities. 

E.L.C. is an academic year-long professional development and leadership program comprising 10 MCC faculty and staff members: Tim Cole, Erin Richardson, Jeannette Howell, Jamila Brown Coleman, Angie Pickard, Shaquita Hopson Alfonso, Terrell Taylor, Christopher Haralson, Eric Griffin, and Laureta Chislom. 

The next E.L.C. is on Feb. 6. Kassi Rushing, a communications and people strategist, will lead the discussion on Behaviors of Inclusive Leadership and Growing an Engaged Team.   

To learn more about the Eagles Leadership Convocation, contact Leia Hill at leia.hill@meridiancc.edu, 601.484.8612.