MCC program helping Plummer reach her dreams

MCC program helping Plummer reach her dreams
Bertha Plummer is boosting her skills thanks to the College’s Adult Education and Culinary Arts programs. 

Bertha Plummer is making good on her vow to a loved one.

"Before my mom died, I promised her I would get my high school diploma," the 57-year-old Meridianite said. Thanks to Meridian Community College's Adult Basic Education Program, she's on her way to keeping her word to her momma. Plummer is dually enrolled in MIBEST, Mississippi Integrated Basic Education and Skills Training, a program where participants simultaneously train and earn their high school equivalency.

Wanting a better life for herself and her family, Plummer is boosting her academic skills with classes at the College's Adult Education. "I'm learning a lot of things, computer, math," she said, noting with pride that math skills are improving. She's sharing with her grandchildren, too. "I'm helping them with homework, and they're helping me with the computer," she said.

Plummer enrolled in Culinary Arts earlier this year and plans to finish in May 2023 with a completion certificate. Baking and cooking are passions of Plummer; she earlier took a cake decorating class that the College's Continuing Education offered, and it lighted the fire to doing something more. "I want to start my own business," she said. "Maybe have a food truck and make money to make my own restaurant.”

Her other goal is to own her own house.

Plummer credits MCC's Adult Education staffers for encouragement and help. "I have to give them thanks," she said. Jamila Brown Coleman, adult education instructor, noted Plummer has a very positive attitude and is a joy to teach. “Mrs. Plummer is a hard-working student who does not give up when facing assignments that are difficult and she always does her best,” Coleman said.

Determined, Plummer added, "I want to finish it this year. I'm asking God to help me receive it."