Private Loans

Private educational student loans are non-federal, interest-bearing loans through private lenders. These loans are meant to provide additional funds after you have applied for and exhausted your federal financial aid options. All private loans require credit checks and approval is not guaranteed. The student may need a co-signer with good credit for approval. There are various private student loans available and it’s up to the student and co-signer to choose the one that is best for them.

We recommend that you examine all other options, including federal student loans, before pursuing private loan options, as these loans may be more expensive than other options.

To review a list of private lenders based on historical borrowing data at Meridian Community College, click on the link below to FAST Choice, an online comparison tool. You can link to loan applications directly from this site. Please be aware that you may select a lender of your choice, even if they do not appeal on FastChoice.

Fast Choice


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