Customer Service

Customer Service

MCC Workforce Solutions provides ONLINE CUSTOMER SERVICE TRAINING with 24/7 access to 18 different series modules. Your company will be provided with access to online course modules that teach employees how to interact better with customers and each other. Contact us to find out how you can train your company!

Cost for training is $150 per person.


Telephone Doctor® Customer Service Series is America’s favorite brand of service training and is presented by customer care expert, Nancy Friedman. Mastering the proven techniques in this series will equip you with the skills to improve the way you communicate with customers & coworkers. Each course takes about 30 minutes to complete

We assembled a group of six individuals in an open, casual setting. Letting the cameras roll, we asked these “service superstars” to freely discuss their opinions on topics such as service-based cultures, satisfying customers and what drives them to be excellent. The result is this powerful new training series: SERVICE MATTERS Real People - Real Ideas. Each course takes about 10 minutes to complete.

Each module in the ServiceSimsSM Challenge Series presents a call center-related scenario followed by two alternate paths learners may choose from to determine the best way to resolve the situation presented. Once they click the path they would choose, they will view a video showing the likely outcome when that path is followed. There’s no penalty for choosing the wrong path, but learners will need to select the best possible path in order to advance to the review of key learning points and take the related quiz to complete the module. These modules are designed to help you take the skills and techniques you’ve learned from Telephone Doctor® Courses so it is recommended that you attempt these only after completing at least a few courses from the Telephone Doctor Series. Each Sim takes about 10 minutes.

Email communication is a fundamental component of everyday business life. Email is so ubiquitous that it can be easy to forget that it has only been with us since the mid-90s. There are dozens of important nuances which can make the difference between your customers and coworkers getting mediocre service vs receiving top of the line treatment. Each module takes about 8 minutes to complete.

What makes certain organizations outstanding places to work? And why are other organizations awful places to work? Chances are it boils down to how respectful the environment is. Respect must be standard operating procedure if we expect our team to perform at its best. The eight fundamental concepts illustrated in this series are at the core of building an enlightened organization, and may be covered in your organization’s employment manual. Raising awareness to these 8 keys is a critical step in building a more respectful workplace.

No previous generation has entered the workforce with more stereotypes and greater potential. Today’s twenty-somethings were raised on a steady diet of technology, multi-tasking, social networking and 24/7 connectivity. The rules of work are changing. This awareness-building series features a candid discussion with a panel of younger workers offering opinions and advice on how your organization can maximize communication, harmony and productivity across all generations. Directed at supervisors who work with this age group, but all staff can benefit from this series.

This alphabet soup of ideas is loaded with skills and techniques to increase the effectiveness of anyone in a customer service or telesales position. Equally effective for inbound or outbound calls.

Most everyone understands the importance of treating our organization’s customers with a high level of courtesy and service. But it’s equally important to treat our coworkers (internal customers) with the same level of politeness, respect and civility. Whenever there’s conflict, drama or a lack of respect within our organization it will negatively affect our ability to operate efficiently and hamper our efforts to deliver great service to our external customers.

Meet Human Resource Manager Jasmine Harris. Her organization has been hampered by high turnover, low morale and team-related issues. After conducting a comprehensive analysis, Jasmine has identified a series of employee behaviors which are apparently to blame for the dysfunction. Join her as she shares her findings with senior managers. To present these traits in a more memorable fashion, Jasmine as recruited an improv group to demonstrate each behavior – along with the effects on other team members. Get set to IMPROVE with IMPROV!

Human Resources expert Hugh Murray shares the tactics and logic necessary to navigate a variety of workplace issues. These powerful just-in-time learning modules will deliver proven skills and techniques to help maximize team unity and employee relationships. Each module should take between 8 and 12 minutes to complete.

Human Resources expert Hugh Murray shares the tactics and strategies needed to successfully navigate a variety of workplace challenges. These powerful just-in-time learning modules will teach proven skills and techniques to help defuse and resolve workplace conflict situations. Each module should take between 8 and 12 minutes to complete.

Human Resources expert Hugh Murray shares the tactics and strategies needed to successfully navigate a variety of workplace challenges. These powerful just-in-time learning modules will impart proven skills and techniques to enhance the ability of anyone in a mentoring, coaching or supervisory role. Each module should take between 8 and 12 minutes to complete.

Addresses a variety of niche topics and will be extremely valuable to every manager & supervisor. Employing the leadership concepts presented in these courses will help you improve your performance when managing team members. Each course takes about 45 minutes to complete.

Meet the inhabitants of Houndville – animated canines who navigate various workplace dilemmas so you won’t have to. Colorful and humorous, these business animations will immediately raise awareness about challenging workplace topics. Each module takes about 8 minutes to complete.

Rude behavior is the enemy of great customer service. It hurts interactions with both external customers as well as internal ones... your coworkers. Surveys confirm that half of all customers report they’ve walked out of a business or terminated a purchase which was in progress - all because of receiving rude treatment. What exactly constitutes rude behavior? This brief awareness-building training series explores the ‘rudeness matrix.’ Learners will experience four types of rude treatment on display. Understanding the rudeness matrix can help staff avoid similar situations in the future.

Virtual meetings are exploding in popularity. What once seemed like a novel event has evolved into a routine part of many workdays. While online meetings deliver a host of benefits, they can also involve some challenges. Most of the examples you’ll see can be cured by common sense, however sadly, it doesn’t seem like common sense is all that common anymore. How to Ruin a Virtual Meeting is an awareness building series which takes a humorous look at some common virtual meeting faux pas.

If you’ve spent much time in any office environment, you’re probably aware that everyone has their own unique style of doing things. Organizations wouldn’t be the diverse, successful and productive places they are if this weren’t so. Most everyone is aware of the common meaning of diversity in the workplace, however there’s an important sub-component of diversity that’s rarely addressed but frequently encountered: neurodiversity.



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