Off Campus Proctoring

Schedule an eLearning Exam with an Off-Campus Proctor
If your desired testing location is not listed in Proctoring, you may request for that location to be reviewed to be added to the list of approved testing locations.

PLEASE NOTE - Off campus testing is only permitted at an approved testing center. Usual locations are a local university or college campus testing center, a Military BASE/SHIP Educational Assistance Office, or a Sylvan or Prometric testing center. All other locations will not be approved. If a student choose to test at an off campus location, proctoring fees could be incurred. All proctoring fees are the responsibility of the student. Please contact the Office of eLearning at 601.484.8669 or for questions about Off-Campus Proctoring.

  • Download the Off Campus Proctor Form pdf, complete and return.  All requested information should accompany the return.
  • All request must be received at least two weeks before your first exam.
  • Any fees charged by Off-Campus Proctoring sites are the responsibility of the student