Bicycle Regulations

  1. Cyclists should use extreme caution and slow down or walk their bicycles when interacting with pedestrians. Cyclists should not use sidewalks and walkways when pedestrians are present.
  2. Automobiles are not required by law nor equipped with the reaction time to stop for bikes shooting across crosswalks. It is best for bicyclists wishing to use crosswalks to walk their bicycle through the crosswalk as a pedestrian.
  3. Bicycles using campus roadways operate with the same rules as automobiles.
  4. Bicyclists are strongly encouraged to wear safety equipment while on campus (including helmets) as well as properly maintain the mechanical aspects of their bike for the safest riding experience possible.
  5. Bike Rack use on campus is mandatory. We are asking all bike riders to assist the college by not locking bikes in such a way that they block sidewalks or handicap access to buildings. Furthermore, we ask bike riders to refrain from locking bikes to campus trees or foliage, light poles or other freestanding posts or any railings or any other freestanding structures (except bike racks). Keep in mind we have students with disabilities who require accessible pathways and specific access to buildings and we are required by law to protect this access.
  6. MCC is not responsible for loss or damage to bicycles.
  7. Bikes locked or left anywhere else besides a bike rack are subject to the lock being cut and the bike impounded by Campus Police.


For more information

For more information:
Nick Kirkland, chief of campus police

Bd. Approved: Feb. 14, 2017