Eaglenet Access and Registration

  • EaglenetClick on the EagleNet (in top right corner).
  • Log in with your username (located on your schedule worksheet) and password.
    • Your password will consist of:
      • Initial of your first name (example: John =J)
      • Initial of your last name (example: Smith = S)
      • Last 4 digits of your social security number (example: 1234)
      • Example password: Mcc-JS1234
        After creating a new password, click Save Changes.
  • Look to the top of the screen for a tab: “Stu. Registration” and click.
  • To the right, Click Registration Main Menu.
  • Click on “Add and Drop Classes.”
  • Select Term and click submit
  • Click on the “Class Search” link at the bottom of the page (you may need to scroll the screen down). NOTE: Refer to your SCHEDULE WORKSHEET for your fall schedule.
  • Select a course subject, i.e. ENG 1113 - English; SPT 1113 – Speech and Theater; MAT 1313 – Mathematics; BIO 1113/1111 – Biology. From the list of courses displayed, choose your class. NOTE: Select ALL Science courses with labs first!
    *** FOR ALL SCIENCE COURSES – Choose the Science lecture, i.e. BIO 2513, BIO 1113 – click ADD TO WORKSHEET. Click Class Search, choose your LAB, i.e. BIO 2511, BIO 1111 – click ADD TO WORKSHEET. Once your lecture AND lab have been chosen, click Submit Changes. This should register you for both the lecture and the lab.
  • Once you have chosen the correct class, you will see a list of all sections of that course. However, if a course displays a “C” next to it, the course is NOT available for registration.
  • After determining your course section, check (√) the box to the left of the desired course.
  • After clicking the box next to the desired course, click REGISTER underneath the list of courses.
  • Repeat steps 7-12 until all courses listed on the SCHEDULE WORKSHEET have been added to your web schedule.


For more informationFor more information:
Kimberly Rush, director of advising and retention