Continuing Education Units Approval Guidelines

Step 1: Ensure your program or activity is eligible for CEU approval...

Eligible Programs:

  • Seminars, workshops, short courses, certificate programs and educational trainings with a scheduled meeting time
  • License renewal programs and paraprofessional training programs
  • Activities that use methods of instruction such as :Ed2go, directed reading, supervised independent study or project-based assignments

Ineligible Programs

  • Entertainment or recreational activities
  • Cultural performances and social events
  • Pre-examination preparation programs and activities
  • Committee or business meetings
  • Work experience, on-the-job-training or apprenticeships

Step 2: Ensure the non-credit activity meets the following criteria...

  • Will be held in a structured and organized setting
  • Is a minimum of 5 instructional hours
  • Will have qualified instructional personnel directly involved in conducting the activity
  • Has a clear purpose and objective and is planned to fill a specific educational need
  • Has a participant evaluation process
  • Has a specific performance requirement participants must complete to be awarded CEUs

Step 3: Submit the following information 14 days prior to the activity start date...

  • All instructor’s/speaker vitas or resume
  • A detailed program agenda/schedule that includes start and end times
  • A copy of the course evaluation form
  • Any pertinent program materials (flyer, website address, program brochure)

Step 4: Once a course is approved...

  • The program instructor or sponsoring unit must submit a course sign in sheet to verify participant attendance and a copy of participant evaluations
  • Course sign-in sheets and participant course evaluation must be submitted within two weeks of program conclusion
  • CEUs will not be awarded until course sign-in sheets, participant course evaluations, and payment is received in full from the participant or sponsoring group. Groups paying for participant CEUs can submit payment by check, cash or credit card.


CEU Cost...

  • The fee for Continuing Education Units is $25 for each certificate. 
  • The fee for a duplicate CEU certificate is $20.


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