Summer Class

Summer Internet Term II (June 27-July 22) 
30029 ACC 2223-8A2  Principles of Accounting II  M. Roberts 3
30360 ART 1113-8A2  Art Appreciation 

T. Taylor-Nicholson

30160 BIO 1613-8A2  Nutrition  T. Henderson 3
30161 BIO 2924-8A2  Microbiology w/ LAB M. Stettner 4
30426 BIO 2521-8A2  Anatomy & Physiology I (LAB)  C. Chance 1
30427 BIO 2523-8A2  Anatomy & Physiology I (LECTURE)  C. Chance 3
30397 BIO 2521-8A2  Anatomy & Physiology II (LAB)  J. Dunn 1
30398 BIO 2513-8A2  Anatomy & Physiology II (LECTURE)  J. Dunn 3
30408 CSC 1123-8A2  Computer Applications I  M. Stokley 3
30035 ECO 2123-8A2  Microeconomics   J. Mosley 3
30387 EPY 2533-8A2  Human Growth and Development  S. Gibson 3
30651 ENG 1123-8A2  English Composition  S. Lay 3
30086 ENG 2233-8A2  American Literature II  M. Boothe 3
30539 HPR 1593-8A2  Health Concepts, Physical Activities, Wellness  B. Pickett 3
30617 HPR 1813-8A2  Foundations of Leisure and Recreation  B. Pickett 3
30632 HPR 1213-8A2  Personal and Community Health L. Lewis 3
30633 HPR 1313-8A2  Introduction to Kinesiology, Health, P.E. and Rec. B. Pickett 3
30634 HPR 1613-8A2  Physical Education and Elementary School  B. Pickett 3
30635 HPR 2323-8A2  Recreational Leadership  L. Lewis 3
30636 HPR 2723-8A2  Preventative Care of Athletic Injuries C. Haralson 3
30637 HPR 2711-8A2  Athletic Training Terminology  C. Haralson 1
30040 HIS 1173-8A2  World Civilization II M. Gunn 3
30042 HIS 2223-8A2  American History II  J. Reeves 3
30094 LLS 1423-8A2  College Study Skills L. Martin 3
30019 MAT 1313-8A2  College Algebra  C. Williams 3
30121 MAT 2323-8A2  Statistics  C. Rainer 3
30670 MAT 1323-8A2  Trigonometry  P. Holladay 3
30166 PHY 2424-8A2  General Physics  S. Brown 3
30045 PSY 1513-8A2  General Psychology  C. Graham 3
30047 SOC 2113-8A2  Introduction to Sociology  K. Coward 3
  • Last day to withdraw: July 15

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