Have you ever pitched a tent, identified trees, made homemade ice cream in a tin can, or learned basic first aid skills? Come experience a week of adventure in the life of a Cub Scout. This adventure is open to boys and girls! Sponsored by Boy Scouts of America Choctaw Area Council.

Experience the fun of creatures big and small. Learn the care and respect that every animal need. Make friends with hamsters, kittens, bunnies, ponies, and alligators! And if you would like you can even milk a goat!

Use your imagination and a variety of materials to create unique artwork! Come with enthusiasm – Leave as an artist! Students will learn color, design, and other art elements through fun and messy processes. Use your imagination and a variety of materials to create different project. Paint, sculpt, make collages and explore texture.

Learn the proper way to frost and decorate a cake. Create borders, flowers, and other imaginative designs.

Create many different crafts and enjoy many different art forms. Some examples are self-portraits, painting, picture frames and more.

Cheer your favorite team to V-I-C-T-O-R-Y with the latest sideline cheers, stunts and pom routines.

Let us take you on a culinary adventure. You will learn to become a chef.

Can you crack the code or solve the clues? Use your skills to solve a mystery daily! Work in groups to solve a series of FUN comprehension and puzzles! Using critical thinking skills, problem solving and reading comprehension, kids will complete a series of challenges.

Get ready to take the stage. Script reading, auditions, costumes, diction exercises… all of this and more will prepare you for the big performance. Present a short play on the final day of class. This year’s original play will be about local Native American Chief, Chief Pushmataha!

Don’t just play games. Create your own. Explore game design and coding apps. Ages 8 & up.

Learn about hair care, basic manicures and pedicures, and the proper shades of makeup.

Learn all the latest dance moves performed in all your favorite music videos.

Learn to make friendship bracelets and necklaces, hair wraps, beaded bracelets, earrings, chokers and anklets for yourself or a friend.

Learn the duties and responsibilities of a fireman or a firewoman. Sponsored by the Meridian Fire Department.

Learn the duties and responsibilities of a law enforcement officer. Class sponsored by Lauderdale County Sheriff's Department. 


*Indicates van transportation or field trip

Do you want to build a skyscraper or an entire village? All of you are aspiring engineers and contractors should join the fun of building with LEGOs and your imagination.

Mosaics uses small pieces of rock, stone, paper, tile and other things to make large pieces of art. Create beautiful stepping stones, frames, and trinket boxes in this class.

Come explore the world of music and get in touch with your inner musician. Get hands-on experience with real instruments - bang on the drums or strum a guitar while learning about music and sparking your creative side. Sponsored by the Meridian Symphony Orchestra.

  • Ages 6-8: 8:30am
  • Agest 9-12: 10:30am

Experience hands-on fun using models and hospital equipment while learning the everyday practices of a nurse.

It oozes – but doesn’t stick – between your fingers. It comes in different colors. It acts like a liquid but can seem to be solid. Sometimes it glows in the dark! Explore the chemical reactions from slime recipes. Spark your child’s interest in science by appealing to the appalling. Make them squeal with delight! Explore science concepts behind reactions that shimmer and slime. Mix up things we use every day to create slimy substances. Discover the weird and wacky world of science with different hands-on projects each day – and they’ll bring some of it home.

This class will introduce your child to well-known art masters such as Picasso, Monet, Van Gogh, and DaVinci in a fun and interactive way. Develop your artistry as you learn basic drawing techniques and painting skills. Create your masterpieces like the masters!

Join us for hands-on Pinterest crafting extravaganza! Complete a craft or recipe each day.

This is horses 101. Learn everything that there is to know about horses. Grooming, tack, riding and more.

Meet me in the lab! Experiment with making lots of crazy concoctions. Make gruesome goo, monster bubbles, and an active volcano. Students use their creative minds and scientific methods to implement their own crazy experiments. There will be demonstrations, hand-on activities, and group discussions that will make learning science fun.

During this fun and ever-changing week, kids will be introduced to a new sport every day to learn the very basics, and most of all HAVE FUN! Develop self-esteem and a healthy attitude about team building and sportsmanship. Have nonstop fun with friends participating in various sports-related games while learning teamwork. Slip and slide on an inflatable water slide on the final day of camp. 

Do you like to work with your hands, design, and paint? Let your imagination take off as you mold, build, and add detail in this three-dimensional class.

Make and package bath and body products using all-natural recipes. Make body scrub, bath balls, lip gloss, lotion, and hand salve from scratch. Enjoy a spa experience. Ages 8 & up.

The perfect combination of fun and creativity. Kids will learn the basics of cooking such as measuring and kitchen utensils while making delicious, bake-free treats.

Learn and practice basic grips, forehand and backhand strokes, how to serve and volley. Bring your own racket and wear tennis shoes.

Be a part of fun physical activities that teach individual and team-building skills. Not your regular sports – these are all WACKY SPORTS! The last day of the week is WATER DAY – splish splash on the inflatable water slide!

Build your very own rocket. Learn scientific facts about rockets and how they work. You will LAUNCH your rocket – family and friends invited to the blast-off day!


For more information:
Courtney Pitts, coordinator