Communications Technology

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Communications Technology is a one-year program designed to prepare students for a wide range of technical positions in the communications industry. Emphasis is on telephone voice communications, data communications, fiber optic applications, satellite and microwave communications, and integrated services digital network (ISDN).

The program is designed to produce workers with multi-faceted skill sets and foundations in electronics, computers, and digital and analog communications, which will enable program graduates to be flexible and versatile. Upon successful completion of required coursework, the student will be eligible to take the Certified Telecommunications Network Specialist (CTNS) and the Certified Telecommunications Analyst (CTA) exams.

Progression:   To meet graduation requirements for this program, students must successfully complete the specified courses listed below with a “C” average (GPA of 2.00) or better. A grade of “C” or higher is required in each TCT and EET course to progress in the program.

Minimum admission requirements (in addition to general admission requirements) must include one of the following:

  • Attain a 17 composite score on the ACT;
  • Score a 251 or higher on the ACCUPLACER NG Reading Section and a 230 or higher on the ACCUPLACER NG Algebra Section 
  • Earn a “C” or above in Intermediate English and Reading (ENG 0124) and demonstrate competency for Intermediate Algebra (MAT 1233);
  • Complete 15 semester hours with a “C” average or above from an accredited college or university and demonstrate competency for Intermediate Algebra (MAT 1233).  Developmental coursework does not satisfy this requirement.


Students in Communications Technology program must attend MCC full time (15+ credit hours per semester).

Course Number Course Description Hours
TCT 1113 Fundamentals of  Telecommunications 3
EET 1113 DC Circuits 3
EET 1213 Digital Electronics 3
EET 2423 Fundamentals of Fiber Optics 3
  Approved Technical Elective 3
  Semester Hours 15
Course Number Course Description Hours
EET 1123 AC Circuits 3
TCT 2243 Copper Cabling Systems 3
EET 1333 Solid State Devices & Circuits 3
TCT 2353 Fundamentals of Wireless Communications 3
TCT 2413 Microwave & Satellite Systems 3
  Semester Hours 15
  Total Hours 30
Technical Electives
TCT 2424 Network Systems
TCT 292 (1-6) Work Experience
TCT 2914 Special Projects
IST 1133 Fundamentals of Data Communications
IST 1223 Network Concepts
IST 1143 Principles of Information Security


  • Fiber Optics Technician
  • Microwave & Satellite Technician
  • Cable Installer
  • Telecommunications Equipment Installer
  • Security and Fire Alarm Systems Installer
  • Specialized Equipment Sales Person
  • Cellular Tower Technician
  • DC/AC Circuits
  • Digital Electronics
  • Microwave & Satellite Communications
  • Solid State Devices & Circuits
  • $37,113 - $78,158 (MDES Labor Market Occupational Wages) 

In the last five years, 68 percent of graduates achieve gainful employment in the telecommunication industry.

Between telecommunications and electronics, there are 40,000-plus jobs in Mississippi that needs to be filled and growing.


For more informationFor more information:
Allyson Nelson, coordinator

For more informationFor more information:
Deborah Nettles, advisor