Best Early Education Practices

Beep LogoThe BEEP (Best Early Education Practices) Project is an early childhood education project that supports children, parents, and early childhood educators to best prepare children for kindergarten success and advancement. The mission of the BEEP Project is to increase school readiness and success by supporting and preparing children, their families, and early childhood educators for the kindergarten experience. The BEEP Project supports our community by improving and enhancing the quality of life for the people of Meridian and Lauderdale County. The BEEP Project is in a unique position in that is supports a multi-layer of lifelong learning for both children and their parents through Best Practice Parent/Child sessions and Best Practice Workshop Training for early childhood education employees.

The BEEP Project is committed to enhancing early childhood experiences to best prepare our youngest citizens for kindergarten. The BEEP Project is successful in its mission to provide appropriate early childhood education opportunities by modeling age and developmentally appropriate expectations for young children with their parents, care givers, and early childhood educators.  Parents and early childhood education employees comment positively about the BEEP Project, the BEEP early childhood educators attend and participate in the Best Practice Parent/Child sessions and Best Practice Training workshops offered, and indicate using and sharing the educational materials provided to best support children for kindergarten readiness.  The BEEP Project began its Year 9 in July 2020; the goal of the BEEP Project is to continue this early childhood education initiative as we pursue funding and grants to continue to support our children and our community. 

The BEEP Project is an asset to our community in the following ways:
Parents are bringing their children ages 8 weeks to 5 years to the Best Practice Parent/Child sessions and since the pandemic, families have been available for weekly phone consulation; early childhood educators/child care employees have attended the Best Practice Workshop Training sessions for job required contact hours. Both parents and teachers report that the BEEP Project is consumer friendly, (i.e. helpful and courteous staff and age/developmentally appropriate educational materials) and that the educational materials can and are being used in the home and at child care settings.

Our goals for these age/developmentally appropriate materials are:

  1. to be used in the home with those enrolled in the Best Practice Parent/Child sessions and shared as age/developmentally appropriate
  2. to be implemented in their classrooms and shared by participants who attended the Best Practice Workshop Training sessions.

Every family enrolled in the BEEP Project receives:

  • a CD player with a set of 20 CDs
  • a BEEP Project lap or floor blanket
  • an educational activity pack from Kaplan Early Learning Compnay that is age/developmentally appropriate and is enrolled in the Imagination Library


Together we will make the difference!

To make a donation to the BEEP Project, just click the link below. Specify BEEP Project when making your donation.