COVID-19 Campus Plan


Since March of 2020, Meridian Community College as well as the community as a whole have been affected and our sense of normalcy has been challenged by the coronavirus, also known as COVID-19. This has been an unprecedented time in our college's history and new information about COVID-19 is being released on a continuous cycle. MCC officials are maintaining regular communication with the Mississippi State Department of Health and other health officials and are relying on their expertise and guidance to take appropriate precautions to protect our students, employees, and visitors. 

With elevated COVID-19 case activity
increases within our region, the college has moved to a four-level system of COVID-19 operations:

Yellow Status

Green is the lowest level of emergency operation. This level encourages handwashing and proper hygiene, as well as proper cleaning of personal work areas.

  • Masks are optional but encouraged indoors and in close contact with others
  • Increased handwashing protocols are encouraged
  • Increased cleaning of personal work areas and classroom space
  • Self-evaluation of symptoms
  • Required reporting of confirmed COVID-19 infections by completing our contact tracing form 

Yellow represents an enhanced threat. This level encourages social distancing and masks for close contact moments.

  • Recommended social distancing when possible
  • Increased handwashing protocols are recommended
  • Masks required indoors for close contact with others - Updated 08/08/2021
  • Masks required for all classroom, lab, and group settings
  • Remove self-serve options in all dining facilities
  • Recommended virtual meetings for all employee activity
  • Recommended modified campus events to include enhanced COVID-19 safety protocols
  • Enhanced cleaning of all surfaces and facilities is required
  • Required reporting of confirmed COVID-19 infections by completing our contact tracing form 

Purple represents a heightened COVID-19 threat. This level requires social distancing, masks for all indoor facilities, altered classroom and employee working patterns, modified dining areas, and limited access to campus for students, faculty, staff, and visitors.

  • Social distancing is required for all indoor and outdoor activities
  • Masks required indoors at all MCC facilities
  • Enhanced cleaning of all surfaces and facilities
  • On-campus housing visitation is suspended
  • Modified learning models implemented (virtual or hybrid)
  • Modified employee work schedules (virtual or hybrid)
  • Limited in-person on-campus events
  • All sporting events will operate according to the MACCC guidelines
  • To-go option only at all dining facilities
  • Limited public access to campus facilities
  • Required reporting of confirmed COVID-19 infections by completing our contact tracing form 

Red represents the highest level of COVID-19 threat. Level Red would require all in-person operations to stop.

  • All campus access would be stopped until further notice
  • All on-campus housing residents would be required to vacate campus housing
  • The virtual learning model would be implemented for all courses
  • Virtual work from home would be in place for designated employees
  • Monitored entrance and exit to campus
  • Required reporting of confirmed COVID-19 infections by completing our contact tracing form 

In addition to the above operational levels, all local, state, and federal guidelines will be implemented as directed.

The Meridian Community College COVID-19 Campus Plan has been developed to enable MCC students and employees to return to a college environment that is as normal as possible, while still taking precautions to keep our students, employees, and visitors safe and healthy. We want to ensure that everyone who comes in contact with MCC understands their roles and responsibilities. With input from a wide array of employees from across the college, medical and health professionals, and guidance from state authorities, we understand that this plan will remain fluid and will be an on-going work in process. As we learn more about COVID-19, and as recommended practices and procedures evolve, the Meridian Community College COVID-19 Campus Plan may also change and evolve.


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