Damon Fitness Center Operations

The center is open for normal operating hours. Use of the facility, however, will follow specific guidelines and require you to register for a specific time before you can utilize the facility. You may register here. Sessions will be limited to 45 minutes. 

Yes, patrons must wear facemasks while in the facility and while exercising. They may remove them, of course, when swimming.

No. All patrons must come dressed for their activity. If a patron needs to use the pool shower prior to or after swimming, he/she must see the lifeguard.

  • Entrance and exit: Weight room and cardio members will enter through the front door and exit through the emergency door at the end of the hall. Swimmers will enter through the side gate on the office side and exit through the door near the tennis courts.
  • Hand sanitizing stations have been placed at the entrance and in each large room and frequent use is encouraged.
  • Each patron using weightlifting or cardio equipment is asked to clean their equipment before leaving.
  • Equipment has been marked to ensure appropriate social distance, and only one swimmer per lane will be allowed.
  • Staff will continuously be wiping down doorknobs, handles, equipment, chairs, and other surfaces throughout the day.
  • Those using the swimming pool will have a space marked for personal items.
  • Patrons are discouraged from spending too much time visiting with others while they are in the facility or on campus.

For more informationFor more information: 
Wade Heggie, fitness center director