Canvas Support

Internet and Computer Needs

You must have sufficient access to the internet to use Canvas and take online courses.

You may use your personal computer, tablet, or phone. Please take time to ensure that your device is functional and ready to be used for classwork.

Beginning March 23, if you do not have access to a computer and the internet at home and are not exhibiting any symptoms associated with the coronavirus, the following computer labs will be open for student use:

  • Student Success Center, which is on the 2nd floor of Montgomery Hall,


Steps to Stay on Top of Classes

  1. Many face-to-face classes have moved to online formats with new requirements. Contact your instructors immediately with any questions or concerns you have, or if anything is not clear to you.
  2. If you are transitioning from face-to-face classes, log into Canvas and check each of your course shells for messages from your instructors, updates to your syllabi, and changes to your course requirements.
  3. Make a note of all of your instructors preferred method of communication, make sure you know how to reach them and when they have online office hours.
  4. If you have disability accommodations, message your instructors in Canvas with any information or questions that you have regarding your transition to online. General questions about your accommodations can be emailed to Ms. Gina Mills at
  5. If you have any change in your circumstances and/or availability for your classes, communicate with your instructors immediately to let them know your situation and ask what you need to do for course completion.
  6. Log into Canvas every day to check messages, announcements, discussion posts, and assignments.
  7. Check your Eaglenet daily to make sure you have not missed any important announcements about classes or MCC.
  8. Make sure your contact information is up to date in Eagle Alert so you receive any emergency notifications. 



 Canvas Videos for Students

 Canvas Support Hotline for Students 844.880.9815

 Free Technology Tools

  • Canvas App for Android - Click to download the Canvas app from the Google Play store
  • Canvas App for Apple - Click to download the Canvas app from the iTunes store
  • Jing - Click the link to download a FREE screen-capturing tool
    Office 365 - Install through your Eaglenet Account - must use MCC email (


How To:

  • Click HERE  to see how to install Office 365 on your own device.
  • Click HERE  to see how to add Office 365 email to your Android phone.
  • Click HERE to see how to set up Office 365 email on your iPhone.
  • Click HERE  to see how to Auto-forward Office 365 email to another email address.