Miller Art Gallery

Named after former theater and speech instructor and arts advocate Ronald R. Miller (Ronnie to his friends), the MCC Miller Art Gallery is one of the life forces of Meridian Community College and surrounding communities.

Since opening its doors in 2004 with its inaugural exhibit of paintings and pastels by local artist and former MJC instructor Alex Loeb, The Miller Art Gallery has had more than 67 art exhibits ranging from the abstract to the realistic. The gallery serves MCC’s students and Art programs in studio art and lecture by providing quality, insightful and educational art exhibits on a yearly basis beginning in late August through early May.

The Miller Art Gallery has movable walls, higher ceilings and a wider range of display opportunities for various types of art. Typically, five to six art exhibits are held annually in the art gallery. The mission of the gallery is to showcase artwork by current and trending artists of professional status and former MCC art students who have become professional and/or experts in various techniques and who have produced artwork on a regular basis, as well as to promote educational opportunities for our students and the community. The gallery also serves to educate our audience with artists, especially those whose work continually pushes the boundaries of art.

The Miller Gallery has exhibited the works of numerous college art professors and educators from various Mississippi colleges and universities, as well as those from Alabama, Tennessee, North Carolina, Louisiana and others. We also like to showcase our own MCC art instructors and community artists and have also exhibited works by local high school art instructors and their students.

The highlight of the Miller Art Gallery exhibition season is the Annual Fine Arts Student Competition held between April and May. This exhibit allows our fine arts majors the ability to get first-hand experience on preparing for a professional art competition and to learn about the competitive spirit within the art field.

The gallery is open to the public from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. Monday through Thursday.

2022 Miller Art Gallery

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Lacy Johnson, fine arts chair