Home School Photo To meet General Admissions Requirements, Homeschool students must submit:

  • An Application for Admissions
  • An official final high school or high school equivalency (HSE) transcript which is commonly known as the GED. Homeschool students must present an official final high school transcript with a graduation date and a listing of specific courses completed from a recognized homeschool agency. If no such document is available, the parent of the homeschooled student may present an official final transcript with the date of graduation, a listing of specific courses completed with a notarized sworn affidavit stating that the student’s record is accurate and complete.
  • An official ACT, SAT or Accuplacer score report*


*Score reports are used to access college readiness for course and/or program placement. However, international students score requirements differ.

Meeting general admissions requirements does not ensure admissions into a particular program of study. Please review the Programs of Study for more information.


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