Emergency Notification System
Meridian Community College utilizes the Eagle Alert Text/Email Messaging System for emergency notifications.

It is designed to use mass e-mail and text messaging to provide MCC students, faculty and staff with information about un-scheduled school closings and/or any emergency/crisis situations affecting the campus. Hopefully Eagle Alert will not be used at all. However, out of concern for the safety of students, faculty and staff, we feel confident this system will be an effective tool allowing individual notifications in a relatively short time span.

All students will receive notifications thru Eaglenet e-mail addresses. Students may choose to receive text message notifications and/or “non eaglenet” email notifications. To receive notification thru these additional means individuals must:

  1. Log on to EAGLENET home page.
  2. Under the heading My Records, Grades, etc. click on Financial Aid, Personal Information and Other Services
  3. Click on Eagle Alert – Update Emergency Contact Cell
  4. For text messages individuals must provide their cell phone number and choose the provider of their cell phone service. (Note: Text messages can result in additional cost depending on an individuals wireless phone plan.)
  5. For “non eaglenet” (ie. Work or Personal) e-mail, individuals must provide an e-mail address.


It is your responsibility to ensure that information provided is accurate and up to date. If you have questions, contact Associate Dean of Student Services, Sander Atkinson, at 601.484.8707.