Campus Police

Welcome to Meridian Community College Campus Police Department’s website homepage. Whether you are a visitor, student or a faculty or staff member, we want to make your college experience a safe and enjoyable one.

The Campus Police Department, located on the first floor of Ivy Hall, is a full-service, 24-hour-a-day, seven-days-a-week police agency. The department comprises of 11 full-time sworn police officers who are complemented by security officers.  Campus police officers have jurisdiction and legal authority on all college-owned property.  Since students live both on and off campus, MCC Campus Police works very closely, and shares jurisdiction with, the Meridian Police Department, the Lauderdale County Sheriff Department and other law enforcement agencies.

Officers patrol campus to provide a safe and secure campus. Campus citizens can help make their surrounding area safe, too. Being aware and using good judgment lessens the likelihood of becoming a target for crime.  Locking all doors and marking and securing all valuables will reduce the chances of becoming a victim of theft. Be mindful of traffic laws and be cautious while driving on campus as many students and employees are constantly walking to and from parking lots and buildings.

We encourage anyone who is a victim of crime to report it to the police even if the victim does not choose to press charges.  There are resources available both off and on campus for victims of sexual misconduct, sexual violence, relationship violence, stalking or any type of crime.   These services are available whether or not the victim reports the incident to the police.

Campus Police welcomes suggestions or ideas for classes or programs such as self-defense, personal safety, drug and alcohol-awareness.

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